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What We Do

The Resto Shop restores classic BMW 2002 model cars for loving owners. Whether your car is a daily driver, weekend warrior or show stopper, The Resto Shop has the expertise and results to fit your budget.

If you own a classic BMW 2002, you own a true icon of engineering and motorsports history. You may also have a deep family or emotional history with your 2002. Some BMW owners have had their cars for years.

The Resto Shop understands that motor oil can run like blood through your veins. We are dedicated to keeping your older BMW in the best possible running order that you desire.

The Resto Shop is the best resource for your BMW 2002 since it left the factory floor in Munich in the 1970s.


Our Promise

We want the The Resto Shop to be the best restoration experience you've ever had for your BMW 2002. 

The Resto Shop is responsive, responsible, and will give you a total cost and timeline up front. We'll give you a budget, deadline, and meet it. See for yourself, get a Quote today.

We know BMW 2002s. Our approach and process and respectful, transparent and detail oriented. We'll work with you at your pace to meet your goals, for your car. Throughout the project, we'll share our knowledge and document the experience, allowing you to enjoy and learn all there is to know about your BMW 2002 restoration.

The Resto Shop:  Consult, Plan, Document, Catalogue, Disassemble, Cut, Fabricate, Weld, Body, Paint, Wire, Rebuild, Refresh, Upgrade, Reassemble, Upholster, Carpet, Obsess, Perfection.

Don't forget:  Key, Ignition, Start, Happy, Smile.


Our History

The Resto Shop was started by Bart Ziegenhagen in a barn in the Alviso, CA in the summer of 2008. 

Bart has fully restored several BMW 2002’s to their original glory. He knows every curve of the bodywork, every invisible weak spot that needs strengthening, and every option to keep your car original, or modify tastefully with modern tech upgrades.

His no-nonsense approach with perfect results has gained a small but loyal following. Bart is an expert at metal working and fabrication, body and paint, engine and drivetrain rebuilding or modification, and disassembly and careful reassembly of BMW 2002s.