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Full Restoration

Many BMW 2002 owners dream of restoring their cars to original factory condition, or tastefully modified to meet today's driving standards.

The Resto Shop has performed several full 2002 restorations that meet or exceed factory finishes.

By focusing on one model of BMW, the 2002, The Resto Shop is constantly working to perfect the experience 2002 restoration. We want the experience of full restoration of your cherished 2002 to be as reassuring and carefree as ordering it new from the factory.  

Starting with a complete disassembly of the car, each part is carefully inspected and catalogued for storage. The body is then lovingly removed of paint by hand, as chemical strippers can leave residue. Once the original metal is exposed, rust areas are identified and marked for repair by replacement or metal work fabrication.

Metal repairs done, the body work and paint are meticulously performed, to original factory paint specification or color or your choice.

Engine and drivetrain are blueprinted and rebuilt to factory spec or modified to your preferences. Custom engine swaps and upgrades are also possible. The same options are available for suspension, brakes, wheels and tires.

The Resto Shop also completely inspects, repairs, upgrades or replaces the entire car wiring.

Your 2002 interior is where you will be experiencing the driving pleasure of your car. The upholstery, carpets, headliner, door panels and dash are all restored or replaced to your custom colors and preferences.

Finally, each car is carefully and lovingly reassembled with the absolute most attention to mechanical operation, and visual fit and finish.

The Resto Shop full restoration will give you the factory finish BMW 2002 of you dreams.


Partial Restoration

Most BMW 2002 owners maintain and restore their cars to be driven. They often have a lot of knowledge and history with the car, and perform many repairs and upgrades themselves.

The Resto Shop can work with you as part of your team to fill in gaps of knowledge or ability. Fabrication, Body, Paint, Engine, Drivetrain, Suspension, Brakes. Each of these areas can be approached as a separate project. We can identify, budget, and schedule a partial restoration, or restoration in stages.


Custom Fabrication

The BMW 2002 is has a beautifully sculpted body and design that is as fun to look at it as to drive.

The Resto Shop knows all the flowing curves and crisp lines of your 2002 metal work. We also know the hidden rust spots and weak points that can lead to lack of driving performance or even structural failure.

We can identify, diagnose, and repair any trouble spots on you car. Many metal areas on your car can be repaired easily and less expensive by cutting out and custom fabricating sheet metal into your existing body.

We use your original body panels and parts, whose metal can be carefully shaped, worked and restored to it's original condition. We also substitute used or new OEM body panels where needed or desired.


Full List of Services

The Resto Shop offers all of the services necessary to completely restore your BMW 2002:

Partial Restoration
Full Restoration
Custom/Modified Restoration

Rust Repairs
Custom Metal Fabrication
Body Repairs
Dent Repairs

Paint Touchup
Partial Paint
Full Paint

Engine Repair
Engine Modifications
Engine & Transmission Swaps
Suspension Upgrades
Brake Upgrades

Project Consulting
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