Blue Collar for Life


Bart Ziegenhagen, the founder of There Resto Shop, has been wrenching on cars for a long time. He has a saying (which is also an Instagram handle) "Blue collar for life."

I think it means, roughly translated, let's just get started and get it done.

Bart's approach to car restoration is both humble and determined. He looks comfortable cutting and welding a piece of sheet metal into a rusted 2002 front window frame. When straightening out the rear end of an unfortunate Roundie, he didn't have a frame straightening machine, so he made due with the winch on his International Harvester  Scout II.

The point is, we can all get attached and precious about our 2002s. But really, they are metal and paint and vinyl an oil. They are fixed and restored with time, love and knowledge.

Diving in with what you have is the best way to live a happy life.


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